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WL – Custom


The Image Call to Action was designed as an advertising asset that hands the viewer a clickable link within the video.  While the video is being played, the image will pop up at your chosen time signature.

The image does not have to be attached to a URL. It can just be a message or any appropriate image you wish. The intention of this tool is to click on the image and be taken to a new web page, like a price list, a description web page or maybe a registration or purchase order page.

Getting Started

Step 1. Click on VIDEOS.

Step 2. Find your video you want to add the Call to Action to and click on Settings.

Step 3. While on the Call to Action tab, click on Image Popup.

Step 4. Choose the asset and click on Add.

Step 5. Enter your desired URL into the Redirect field.

Step 6. Choose desired window preference.

Step 7. Enter your target time signature for Popup occurrence. 

* If your video is less than 60 minutes in length, use this format (MM:SS).
* If your video is longer than 60 minutes, use this format (HH:MM:SS).

Step 8. Click on Update to save this Call to Action image to your player.

Resulting Player

At five seconds into the video, the image pops up.